Vicon Coil Line

HVAC Rectangular & Spiral Ductwork, Process Ventilation, & Rooftops

Our fully automated, integrated facility provides you with CAD generated drawings, and custom ticketing with barcode labeling – we’ll account for all the parts! Fabricating world-class ductwork at economical prices!

Our state of the art Spiral machines fabricate diameters up to 80″ using up to 13-gauge material. (We stock all materials and gauges.) Fittings up to 80″ in diameter can be manufactured to exacting tolerance for ease of assembly with purpose built welding and assembly machines to gore and weld.

Whether it’s a fan for heat control or a design/build dust collection makeup air system or pneumatic conveying, we have the facility and manpower to provide the systems you need – when you need it.

Rooftop HVAC is one of our specialties. We have the crane trucks and experience for installing new or to change out units, roof curb adapters, duct modifications, required roofing and equipment start-up.

Example of Fabricated Ductwork from Vicon Coil Line

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