Large Design / Build Project:

Toshiba Display Devices
Client since 1984

Fabricated and installed clean room from class 100 to 100,000 PPM Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning System. Through the several stages of upgrades and modifications, STCF provided the expertise for successfully conditioning over 80,000 square feet of clean room, ventilation of chemical laden air and made several production machines. The most recent project used 149,000 lbs. of spiral pipe & fittings on the roof alone! Also several thousand feet of PVC exhaust ducting, stainless steel walls and panels.

Dave Seely, Project Manager had this to say about our work…
“…I would like to take this time to express my appreciation for a job well done… the project has been a long, difficult and fast-paced job with many obstacles along the way. Without the continued support and cooperation of your employees, we would not have been able to reach a successful conclusion of this project…(we) express gratitude to your supervisory team…(they were) valuable assets to this project…I look forward to many more years of continued associations with Southerntier Custom Fabricators, Inc…”